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Nordisk Vanna 2.5cm Sleep Mat

  • Wersja/model: QS8l6E2L
  • 1228 szt. w magazynie

559.24 zł

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Ultra light weight foam shaves off weight but not comfort. With its mummy shape Vanna offers great cushioning despites its extremely low weight and pack size. Its zone construction distributes air and provides maximum insulation in the areas where high pressure points are located. A push/pull valve makes in- and deflation easy and quick. Vanna 2.5 is purely about weight and is using the ultra light weight yet extremely strong 20D top and bottom fabric. Vanna 3.8 is adding a bit more comfort with its thicker foam and has therefore also added a slightly heavier and more robust 30D fabric for the bottom which has been applied a non-slip treatment. zone construction anti-slip siliconized print on back ultra light weight foam push/pull valve mummy shape strong 20D Honeycomb Rip-Stop fabric 51 x 183